What to Watch, #61

Norwegian Kill Bill and a great crime mini-series


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In Order of Disappearance

This movie is pretty much in every regard a Norwegian Kill Bill. It’s a dark gory comedy where, naturally, the substitute for Uma Thurman doing damage is an emotionless Stellan Skarsgård.

After his son is killed by a drug gang, Skarsgård’s character, fresh off a win of a “citizen of the year” award, embarks on a ruthless journey to track and kill the murderers. This takes place in one of the most remote areas in Norway, where the main character works as a snowplow driver. You guessed it, some people will get snowplowed.

Seems familiar? That’s because this year it was turned into a horribly sub-par American movie called Cold Pursuit, with, ugh, Liam Neeson.

📰 Variety: “It's an incredibly satisfying role in which to encounter Skarsgard, who fashions himself as the human equivalent of his unstoppable snowplow, confronting even the most seemingly insurmountable obstacles head-on.”

📺 on Netflix U.S. and select other geographies; 🍅 rating: 86%


The Devil Next Door

New on Netflix this week.

In Cleaveland, a quiet man and exemplary immigrant working a welding job at Ford gets recognized by Holocaust survivors as a gas chamber operator and ruthless Nazi called Ivan The Terrible.

This true-crime mini-series follows his story as he gets deported for trial in Israel. This is one of those shows that ask a simple question but have complex answers. The man in question, John Demjanjuk, claims his innocence and together with his lawyers label the case as a mistaken identity.

A warning: in the first episode especially, there are many graphic Holaucost videos and photos. Not for children or the faint of heart.

📰 Jerusalem Post: “The trial was the leading news story in Israel for nearly a year and the series reminds us how crazy it got …. It's a complicated saga where people took their positions early on and never wavered. The series walks a fine line between the two camps and is quite successful in presenting all points of view.”

📺 On Netflix everywhere; 🍅 rating: 100%

Readers’ top picks

  • The Young Offenders on Netflix, an Irish comedy about two crazy kids who go on an adventure to salvage bags of lost cocaine, is the most popular movie this week.

  • Modern Love on Amazon Prime is our readers’ favorite TV show. It’s based on a New York Times column by the same name, recounting stories of love, both romantic and otherwise, in New York.

New titles worth your time

  • If you missed our Wednesday e-mail, The End of the F***ing World returned for season two this week.

    Late-night host Seth Meyers premiered a stand-up special this week called Lobby Baby. It has a button you can click to skip the Trump jokes!

    The Great British Baking Show: Holidays comes back for season two today. I follow over 150 critics on Twitter, amongst whom only 2 or 3 are British. This week my feed has consisted almost entirely of excitement from those critics about the bake-off. All to say, if you’re a fan of the series, this one comes highly recommended.

  • Big documentary entry on Amazon Prime today, they premiere their film called One Child Nation. It’s about a filmmaker who, after becoming a mother herself, explores the history and implications of China’s one-child policy - called in the movie a “devastating social experiment”.

Great titles that will soon expire

  • An excellent French drama titled Standing Tall leaves Netflix this Monday, November 11th. It’s about a young troubled kid who a social worker and a judge try relentlessly to save from himself. Won more awards in France than can be counted.

  • The meh Law Abiding Citizen leaves Amazon Prime this Wednesday, November 13th.

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