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I finally got around to watching The Office and in the middle of my complete obsession with it, I started watching this Wednesday’s pick.

Extras and The Office are a great pairing, both solid proof of the brilliance of Ricky Gervais in coming up with unique premises.


Co-produced by the BBC and HBO, Extras is about - you guessed it - casting extras. It follows two aspiring actors as they interact with big names in the industry like Ben Stiller, Samuel L. Jackson, and Kate Winslet.

The first episode finds Ben Stiller directing a genocide movie while bragging about the success of Dodgeball. Gervais’ character tries to get a line in the movie while hilariously avoiding interactions with other extras.

A funny TV show set in an original setting (film sets) and around many familiar faces, Extras is not to be missed if you’re a comedy fan.

📺 On Netflix U.S. and select other geographies; 🍅 rating: 91%

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