Every Wednesday and Friday, we send you honest reviews and our heartfelt advice on what to watch next. We want to bring great movies and shows to your attention that streaming site algorithms might keep from you.

There’s also a weekly look at which movies and shows become available or expire on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Why we do this

We believe that we don’t need to consume what Netflix tells us to watch and that thinking outside the box can be an immensely enriching experience. We believe that our tastes cannot be constrained by corporate algorithms presenting us only what they think we like.

This is the comeback of us, the film nerds, in an apocalyptic world ruled by The Algorithm Robots. Please join us.

What our readers say

The best long-form newsletter I’ve ever read.

Thoughtfully curated, trusted.

Short, sweet and to the point (sans the ads!). I can read and digest the entire email in less than 45 seconds, and that's a GREAT thing when you already have the TV on wondering what to watch.

I love having someone help me choose out of the endless options on the streaming services. If anything, it can be challenging to find the time to watch as many of the recs as I'd like to.

Very brief but insightful and well written.

Lots of good info. I particularly like the easy going tone and style of writing because many cinephiles and critics turn off their audience with their high brow tone. I also like the length of the newsletter. It's meaty enough to get in plenty of information but brief enough to read through quickly. Good movie picks and introductions to each. Excellent resource. 

How much it costs

$5 a month or $30 a year (50% off).

However, if you’re a student or low-income, e-mail us at newsletter@agoodmovietowatch.com.

Who we are

My name is Bilal and I write both weekly e-mails. I am the founder of agoodmovietowatch.com.

My other projects include:

  • Uprooted: the internet’s first immigrant-focused film publication.

  • DoesNotTranslate: a database of words that don’t translate to other languages.

  • BuyItNowForLife: a list of products that you can buy immediately and which are likely to last you a lifetime.

  • Altona.studio: my small web-studio based in Berlin, Germany.




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